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Sorry, no kitten's available at this time.  Two litter's planned in the next couple of months, check back!


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Below are some of our kitten's from previous litter's. All of these kittens are currently being loved in their forever homes ;-)




Griffin/Lennon Boy


Puffin/Lennon boy and girl


Griffin/Lennon boy's


 Penny/Teddy Blue Point boy



 Athena/Teddy Blue Mitted Boy


 Griffin/Noah Seal Bicolor female



 Griffin/Noah Seal Bicolor Boy



 Roxy/Teddy Blue Mitted girl

Seal bicolor, Seal Torties 



Blue Mitted  (Athena baby)



Puffin/Lennon Blue Mitted Boy



Blue Bicolor (Griffin baby)

Blue Bicolor  (Mallory baby)

Blue Mitted  (Penny baby)

Seal Mitted (Mallory baby)

Blue Mitted  (Penny baby)

Seal Bicolor and Blue Mitted  (Penny babies)

Blue Mitted  (Penny baby)

Blue Bicolor  (Penny baby)

Blue Lynx Mitted  (Puffin baby)

Blue Lynx Mitted  (Puffin baby)

Blue Lynx Mitted  (Puffin boy)

Blue Mitted  (Puffin boy)

Blue Lynx Mitted  (Puffin baby girl)


Roxy/Teddy Seal Point girl


Blue Bicolors  (Emmy's boys)

Seal Bicolor  (Griffin boy)

Blue mitted (Athena baby)

Blue Bicolor (Emmy baby boy)

 Emmy's group

Rockabye Rags Lennon of Mewlan Rooge

Lynx Seal Point

(Our current Stud)


We have kittens available at various times throughout the year. Please email me for current availability.


































     See Nursery Page For Kitten and Adult Availability.


    Want to see my kitten's??  Check out my You Tube page!!

YouTube - jhyker's Channel



Two is always better then one!

"Tripper" and "Rigby"

(Photo courtesy of Cathy Brinkworth)

Note:  All of our breeding cats have tested negative for the recently discovered HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) mutation. Total health exam by our Veterinarian, first vaccination, and the cost of the spay/neuter is included in the price of our kittens.  We do not charge more for perfectly marked kittens. About Us We offer a TWO year health guarantee.  The price of our kitten's is  $700.00 for males, and $750.00 for females.


Hi, my name is Jill Edwards. My husband and I fell in love with our first two Ragdoll boys 13 years ago and I knew I had to do something with this wonderful breed of cats. After much research, we chose our breeding Ragdolls from the most reputable, and ethical Catteries and our adventure began.    

We live in the small, but growing town of Lemont, Illinois. We are about 20 miles SW of the great city of Chicago. I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home Mom for all my kitties. I enjoy many hobbies, such as cooking, gardening and doll making.  Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I have always tried to rescue my cats, and still have a wonderful 14 year old girl I rescued a few years ago from a local shelter. I have just fallen in love with the ‘reliability’ of the Ragdoll cat’s wonderful, docile temperament.

 I want to thank my friend and mentor, Jill Hill of Rockabye Rags. She has consistently been there for me throughout this whole process. Thank you Jill, with all my heart for all your time, patience, and bringing these wonderfully sweet cats into my life.

Please take the time to get to know us, and our cats. Enjoy our website!!


Our Home

Taryn and Manny

Our Cattery is a member of T.I.C.A., C.F.A., A.C.F.A, R.F.C.I, R.I.




Male and Female Blue Lynx kittens










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